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Wrist-mounted security device tracks employees' vital signs

Jeannie Choe

If they opt out of using these robots to keep an eye on employee activity, establishments such as banks, casinos, and stores can now monitor worker safety and / or misbehavior by slapping Third Eye SATS (Security Alert Tracking System) devices on their wrists. The units use a bio-sensor chip with proprietary algorithms to track vitals like heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a central monitoring system that works with surveillance cameras to zoom in on an employee should their levels suddenly fluctuate; if a worker is threatened or engages in unsavory behavior, their unstable stress levels will alert the system to see exactly what the deal is. No word on any case studies or how well this works, but we hope they've accounted for both apathetic and easily excitable types.

[Via Gizmag]

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