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Experience a world of weather under one umbrella

Jeannie Choe

"Weather Explorer Umbrella" is an installation project that clues you in on current weather conditions worldwide using a souped-up 'brella and an outlined world map. As you scamper about the "world," your weather "experience" changes according to each unique location that the umbrella captures with a tracking camera. An XML feed provides real-time weather data, altering the actions of a fan, speakers, and LEDs installed on the underside of the umbrella. Wind data adjusts the speed of the fan while other weather patterns are expressed with white (lightning / thunderstorm), blue (rain), and yellow (sun) lights. Definitely not as practical as the news or the internet, but with a little imagination (okay a lot of imagination) it might be fun to try. If you're looking for a dorky umbrella that's actually useful in real life, this one might be more your style.

[Via Hackaday]

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