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What is this Alcatel phone watch?

Chris Ziegler

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Before you say "it's an OT-E220A or OT-E225A, clearly," take a closer look. Apart from this image on the first page of the user's manual, we can't find any reference to this rather curious looking watch; instead, the external photos, internal photos, ID label, and contents of the manual all point to a rather ordinary, garden-variety clamshell from Alcatel that's looking to navigate its way through the FCC. So is this watch nothing more than a concept placed on the cover of the manuals of boring phones to drive interest, or did someone in Alcatel's tech writing department make a huge mistake while pasting in photos? We wish we knew, because the mystery shrouding this timepiece is driving us nuts. If you look closely, you can make out some status lights on the band below the face, and it seems that the slot above the digits could be a speakerphone -- more practical than the Sony Ericsson MBW-100, and arguably more fashionable (though barely) than the so-called m300 Mobile Watch. Does someone from Alcatel care to clear up the confusion here?

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