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Creative cuts the chub from Vision M and Vision W players


In the consumer electronics' quest to push thin 'till it snaps, Creative just announced new slimmer versions of their 60GB Zen Vision W and M players. We'll have to wait for the ritualistic splaying to see if these are sporting the newest 60GB slimsters from Samsung, Seagate, or perhaps Toshiba. Regardless, Creative managed to peel back enough pudge to bring the 60GB fatties in line with the 30GB models. In other words, the 4.3-inch Vision W drops from 26.4-mm to 22-mm while the Vision M with 2.5-inch display drops from 22.1-mm to 19-mm. Slim is nice and all, but where are the 80GB and 100GB models Creative?

[Via Impress]

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