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Digital Foci rolls out Image Moments 6 digiframe

Darren Murph

Although the barrage of new digital cameras have (rightfully) claimed the limelight at PMA, Digital Foci is looking to grab your attention with its budget-priced Image Moments 6. The IMT-062 digiframe sports a downsized 5.7-inch 640 x 480 resolution LCD (compared to its eight-inch sibling), brushed chrome facade, USB port, audio output, integrated speaker, built-in timer, and an obligatory automatic slideshow mode. As for compatibility, you'll have no qualms shoving your CF, MicroDrive, SD, MMC, MS, MSPro, xD, or MSDuo cards directly into the device, and you can also fiddle with the transition effects and slideshow intervals to keep things fresh. Furthermore, the frame can reportedly play back MPEG 1/2/4 videos or MP3-backed photo shows as well, and the wireless remote will allow you to handle the action from the comforts of your recliner. Sadly, you'll have to wait until June to pick this one up, but it'll only run you $159 when it comes time to buy.

[Via MacMinute]

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