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DXG hops on the PMP wagon, kicks out Roadster DXG-521

Darren Murph

When you think about DXG (if the name even rings a faint bell), a few off-the-wall digicams could come to mind, but the company best known for kicking out digital imaging products is delving into the ever-popular portable media player realm with its Roadster DXG-521. Looking slightly more like Sega's Game Gear than a sleek, pocket-friendly PMP of the modern era, this relatively unsightly device measures 4.75- x 2.25- x 0.81-inches around and reportedly sports a modest 2.5-inch LCD, 32MB of built-in memory, SD card slot, video-out, USB 2.0 connectivity, FM radio, MP3 playback, a voice recorder, four integrated video games (including Tetris), and a rear five-megapixel camera for snapping pictures on the run. Additionally, users can expect to capture external video into MPEG4 files, and while we can't say it's surprising, you can have your pick of the oh-so-trendy black / gloss white color schemes. Nah, we don't expect the video nor audio quality here to live up to the standards set by more luxurious offerings, but this doesn't look half bad for a couple Benjamins.

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