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Equinux TubeStick: Bargain DVB-T Tuner

You lucky Europeans! Equinux is selling a new DVB-T tuner for the Mac for only €39.95 (about $52.50 in US currency). It is a little hard to get many details at the website, but it looks like a DVB-T-only tuner (digital terrestrial) built into a small USB plug in that ships with an antenna and a CD. I googled up a Macworld article on the TubeStick that suggests you can use your Apple Remote to control the tuner.

According to the Equinux website, the CD contains a fully licensed version of Equinux's MediaCentral software. (The Macworld article suggests different software, "the Tube", will ship with the unit.) MediaCentral normally costs €23 just on its own, making this an even better bargain. For sale only in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK.

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