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NewsBreak v2.0 mobile RSS & podcast reader released

Brian White

Tired of using Bloglines Mobile? How about Google Reader for Mobile? Both are decent RSS options for all that wireless RSS news reading (or blog reading), but just in case you need an installed proggy for that WM Smartphone or Pocket PC, how about NewsBreak? NewsBreak 2.0 has just been released and the upgrade contains some pretty significant updates from the prior 1.2 version. Among them: get podcast (enclosure) support, get a look at attached images and files, podcast download scheduling, new keyword icons and Windows Live Search integration for mobile search. Yeah, we like search choice too (Google, Yahoo!?) but at least you can download the trial and test drive it. If you purchased NewsBreak 1.2, you can even get a free upgrade to version 2.0.

[Via Mobility Site]

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