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RCA readies DTA800 digital TV adapter

Evan Blass

Well it's only been a few days since electronics manufacturers were forced to begin the analog to digital TV transition, and already RCA is on the scene with a digital-to-analog converter for those holdouts who still won't have replaced all their old sets by 2009. Like the flood of similar products we're sure to see in the coming months -- those government coupons go into effect in January 2008 -- the DTA800 pulls in SD and HD ATSC over the air broadcasts and coverts them to the analog format preferred by your old bubble tubes and in-wall RPTVs. Other snazzy features include closed captioning support, parental controls, on-screen program guides, and a so-called SmartAntenna interface that allows compatible antennas to optimize reception in areas of poor coverage. Since there will be some 20 million analog sets still kicking around come February 17th, 2009, according to CEA estimates, it seems that RCA is going to have quite a market for its new box -- and although pricing has yet to be determined, expect most of the cost to get defrayed by good old Uncle Sam. Unfortunately we don't have any harder details on price nor availability, as RCA says that both will be determined by retailer interest and market forces; maybe if we all feign disinterest, they'll have to start letting these go for a loss.

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