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SNT's IOPS in-dash PC

Jeannie Choe

Distraction-devoted drivers can look forward to SNT's IOPS in-dash car PC, which will be unveiled later this week at Cebit, along with some hardware deets. Right now we can tell you that it runs Windows XP, has a 7-inch main touch screen interface, gives you internet access with HSDPA, connects to Bluetooth devices, and streams live video from your rear bumper (great for more perpendicular-inclined parallel parkers). For drivers in Korea who can actually use the technology (tear, sniff), the IOPS unit can not only play live T-DMB programming, but also records shows on its hard drive for later viewing, and can even burn them to a disc. A price hasn't been announced yet, but anyone who drops cash on this won't have to suffer a boring TV-less or web-less drive again.

[Via Navigadget]

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