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Soundgate concept electronically augments music rehearsal


If you don't want your kid(s) to give up on music practice, then you better cross your fingers in the hope that this concept product from an industrial designer called Nicolas Gonzalez Garrido becomes commercially available. The Soundgate concept is a tablet PC-esque device that features a 10-inch touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard, and a variety of inputs and outputs to plug in speakers, microphones, and all kinds of musical instruments. The idea is that the Soundgate should augment practice time for musicians: the device could display interactive sheet music, it could display lyrics for songs, and do a variety of other functions that could help musicians improve their playing. Also envisaged is a separate stand that includes a video camera and a slide-out, human height projected display: this could allow people to train with other players, or even set up a virtual band. Seriously, we totally wouldn't have given up on our Trombone practice if we could have blasted it out in over the interwebs at three other people, multi videochat stylee. Check out more of the concept images and a video demonstrating the idea in more depth after the break.

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