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Best Buy informs pre-orders no Metroid 3 till 2008?


Best Buy sent out letters (example above with identifiers removed) to those who pre-ordered Metroid Prime 3: Corruption informing them the status of their pre-order has changed. The pre-order release date is now 12/31/2007. Does Best Buy know something that the rest of us don't, or are they just hedging their bets and protecting themselves by giving an outrageous date? All we know at this point is Metroid is not a Q2 release and it's already been said that the game will be "perfect" at release.

Nintendo does not comment on rumors and speculation. Best Buy currently has 3/15/2007 as the release date on their website, other major retailers in the U.S. and gaming sites are still using 6/1/2007 or later as their placeholder date. We raise one eyebrow and now seek signs of a 2007 Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl release.

[Thanks Zac]

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