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Game du Jour discounts indie games one day at a time


Gadget geeks have Woot, free software hounds have Giveawayoftheday, and indie gamers have Game du Jour. The "one deal a day" website offers a new casual game at a massive discount very day of the week. So far the offerings have been limited to classic arcade clones, card games, or simple puzzle titles. But from time to time they drop the bomb with a deal you just can't pass up.

Today is one of those days. Game du Jour is featuring Gumboy Crazy Adventures, a game that's as weird as the title sounds. It's a physics-based platformer similar to Chronic Logic's Gish where you control a rubbery balloon-type character using its momentum to move through each stage. The artwork is divine and the gameplay itself is quite unique. Game Tunnel voted Gumboy Crazy Adventures 2006 Game of the Year. No small feat considering the excellent games that rolled out last year.

Game du Jour is offering Gumboy Crazy Adventures today only for $9.97, half the the usual price. Later in the week the 3D arcade game Shlongg (you read that right) is on the chopping board, followed by the strategy game Kingdom Elemental, another offering from Chronic Logic and number ten on Game Tunnels Game of the Year list.

Cheapass indie gamers, this is your week to spend.

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