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IBM begins production of 65nm Cell chip


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It's no secret that IBM has had some bigger -- or, rather -- smaller and better plans in the works for its Cell microprocessor, but we've now got the word from Big Blue itself, with the company announcing that it has started production of an advanced version of the chip, using a 65 nanometer manufacturing process as opposed to the current 90nm. Apart from being physically smaller, the 65nm chip should also result in lower power consumption and reduced costs to manufacturers using the processor. While that would include IBM itself -- which uses Cell processors in some of its own BladeCenter servers -- the company's most famous customer is, of course, Sony, who use the chip in a not-so-little game console of theirs you may heard of. On that front, it's been reported that Sony does indeed plan to use this new chip in future versions of the PlayStation 3 to help cut manufacturing costs, although that doesn't necessarily mean we'll see a cut in the price of the console itself anytime soon.

[Via Yahoo News/IDG]

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