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    Nikon D40x DSLR gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Nikon's DSLRs (among others) aren't strangers to being critiqued and held to the highest standards, and while the D40 received its own laundry list of praises and annoyances, now its time for the D40x to hit the testing bench. While it's one thing to see a bevy of photographs, PopPhoto has turned the snapshot taking over to the D40x itself, and found the results to be surprisingly positive. Although the ten-megapixel sensor used in the camera at hand is supposedly of a slightly lower quality than that seen in the D80, the images shot by the little guy proved "about on par with the D80," and reviewers also hailed the impressive ISO 3200 results and color accuracy. Nevertheless, aside from the larger CCD, useful boost in framing rate and a drop in flash-sync speed, it's essentially the same camera as the D40, meaning that the same flaws found in the prior rendition are still apparent in the new edition. Specifically, the cam was dubbed "menu-dependent," which could definitely cause spontaneous shooters to miss a few precious shots fiddling through the (admittedly well organized) internal menus, and you should also make note of the AF-S lens requirement if you're not a DSLR newcomer. Still, if you're not interested in picking up the six-megapixel D40 at a bargain basement price, but would rather hit the ten-megapixel mark without breaking the bank, the D40x looks to be your best bet for now.

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