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Use the Armory to find WoW's worst player

Mike Schramm

I may have to retract my reward to Lynyrd-- Yougotserved (how appropriate) has found an interesting, fun, and fairly mean use for the Armory. He puts forth a challenge for WoW's new online catalog of players and their talents and armor: Find the worst player in the game, based on spec, professions and gear.

Ouch, look at that spec and those greens. Oh my-- look at that neckpiece. Like I said, it's pretty mean. Yougotserved says it doesn't have to be level 70, but the really good ones are-- how you make it all the way to the end of the game without replacing all your gear at least once from the quests in Outland, I have no idea.

Is it wrong to use the Armory to make fun of players? Probably. But they shouldn't take it personally-- heck, that warrior in mostly greens has a Grand Marshal weapon (enchanted with Icy Weapon, but still), so he must be doing something right. So have at it-- dive into the Armory and see if you can find WoW's worst player. Maybe other players who made the same mistakes will learn something. And before you get all clever and start looking me up, I'll save you the time.

[ via krmtdfrog ]

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