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Aptera takes wraps off 200 MPG prototype car


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It looks like last week's TED conference was the choice event for those jonesing for a more Jetson-like means of transportation, with Idealab company Aptera taking the opportunity to show off a prototype version of its sci-fi-inspired concept car. While it sadly remains grounded, the Aptera typ-1 does boast at least one significant innovation, promising to deliver a full 200 miles per gallon from its diesel-electric hybrid engine, keeping up a reasonable 55 mph pace all along the way. And while it's a one-off for now, Aptera apparently hopes that won't be the case for too long, with the company planning to sell these attention-grabbers for around $20,000 apiece. Exactly when, of course, they ain't sayin', but we wouldn't hold off any current car purchase plans in anticipation of driving off in one of these instead.

[Via DailyTech]

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