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Geophoto: Geocoding Refined

Mat Lu

We've previously mentioned a couple of ways to do Mac-based geocoding-that is, applying location information to the EXIF meta data of your photos. Now comes the latest entry in the geocoding sweepstakes: Geophoto from Ovolab. Geophoto presents you with a Google Earth like interface that you can zoom in/out and drop your photos on the appropriate spot from the Finder, iPhoto, Aperture, etc.. In addition, you can subscribe to iPhoto Photocasts or Flickr geocoded photosets. Unfortunately, although you can search for particular locations by name, political boundaries (countries, cities, etc.) do not appear on the map, nor does the zoom go down to the street level, so putting a photo in exactly the right spot is difficult. (Ovolab says they are working on adding street-level detail in the future.)

This is a very slick application, but that slickness comes at a rather steep price: $49.95. A demo (limited to 50 photos) is available for download. I think there is a lot of promise here, but this is a version 1.0 application and it shows.

[Via MacMinute]

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