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MediaREADY's Bling Player keeps an awful trend alive

Evan Blass

We've been trying to lay low in hopes that this horrible trend of sticking tacky looking crystals to otherwise innocent devices would soon blow over, and now that STB and PMP manufacturer MediaREADY (formerly Video Without Boundaries) has jumped the shark with its painful new attempt to be hip -- the, (shudder), Bling Player -- we feel that iced-out gadgets are finally headed for the great recycling center in the sky. As its name so obviously suggests, the Bling Player is a tiny 2GB DAP with fake jewels studded to the sides and, for some odd reason, a skull and crossbones-adorned dog tag dangling from a chintzy chain. Embarrassing appearance aside, this player does offer up some pretty decent specs, including an FM tuner with recording, built-in mic, USB 2.0 connectivity, and MPEG-4 playback on the impossibly small 1.8-inch TFT LCD (no resolution is listed, and frankly, we don't really wanna know). Two hundred bucks is what it'll cost you to give up your soul when the Bling Player goes on sale next month, or you could just have some cheap fun right now by laughing at a press release which describes this atrocity as "high-fashion," "classy," and "ultra-stylish."

[Via PR Newswire]

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