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Movie critics: "like a video game" really means "bad"

Kyle Orland
Variety has a great article up that calls out some movie critics for derisively comparing the movie version of 300 to a video game. While the movie does rely on computer graphics and special effects, as do many video games, the article correctly points out that this surface comparison inaccurately stereotypes all games as repetitive and violent. As the Variety author points out, "Few horror pics are able to instill the bone-chilling terror of 'Resident Evil 4.' A dramatic filmmaker should aspire to reach the epic scope of 'Shadow of the Colossus.' And those looking to make the next great franchise should should only hope their movies engross viewers half as well as 'World of Warcraft.'"

We think turnabout is fair play here, so we're calling on all the video game critics out there to compare the next cheesy, cut scene filled epic they play to the movies. "If we wanted to fall asleep watching boring, babbling characters we can't even control, we'd we'd go to the movies." Something like that. See how they like it, for once!

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