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O2 Germany announces new HTCs as Xda "terra" and "nova"

Chris Ziegler

Though O2 spends plenty of time getting cozy with Quanta for its Windows Mobile needs, that doesn't mean they've thrown HTC to the curb. The latest two HTCs to get the O2 treatment -- in Germany, anyway -- will be the Herald and Elf, released as the Xda "terra" and "nova" respectively. As you might recall, the Herald is the facelifted Wizard, replacing O2's own Xda mini S and offering all the same slide-out QWERTY action in a 17 millimeter shell; 3G data is sadly missing, though O2 is going to one-up the competition here by rolling out Windows Mobile 6 Professional on this bad boy out of the gate -- expect it in May for €150 (about $200). Meanwhile, the Xda nova (also a 2.5G device) brings Windows Mobile to the masses with a relatively low price point -- €100, about $130 -- while still managing to pack 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD expansion, and version six of Microsoft's ubiquitous platform. Look for it a month after its Xda terra stablemate in June.

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