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Sony announces XDV-100 portable 1seg TV

Evan Blass

Even though 1seg digital TV hasn't really taken off as some might have hoped -- poor reception underground and in moving vehicles renders it nearly useless for Japanese commuters -- manufacturers keep on stuffing this feature into cellphones, PMPs, and portable GPS receivers. Most times the extra tuner is little more than a "value-added" function, but with Sony's new XDV-100 modern-day Watchman, 1seg is the main attraction. At 2.8 inches, though, the screen isn't much bigger than some of your larger smartphones, and the 320 x 240 resolution is certainly nothing you wouldn't find on any number of other devices. Your 40,000 yen also get you a docking cradle and AM / FM radio, which would seem to be the least they could throw in for almost $340. If for some reason you feel like dropping serious cash for a tiny set that you'll only be watching near the window of your Japanese hotel room, April 10th is when the black-or-silver XDV-100 hits stores.

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