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Alltel officially releases colorful LG AX8600s

Brian White

We were just a little giddy when we heard that Alltel would be releasing the LG AX8600 (aka VX8600 for Verizon folks, aka "Chocolate flip") in several popsicle-like colors a few weeks back, and as of now, these beauties are ready to go from Alltel. Alltel's site still lists the puppies as "pre-order", but we hear that they're in Alltel retail stores ready to go home with any customer that's looking for some 1.3 megapixel, touch sensitive, music-ready clamshell love. Drop us a comment if you've seen the new AX8600 in your local Alltel store -- it seems rare to see stores beat their own company website with product availability, but it does happen.

[via phoneArena]

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