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Ear Scope hands-on and in-ear (with disgusting pics and vid!)

Evan Blass

Dear readers, please make us a promise: if we ever ask you to go jump off a bridge, for heaven's sake, just ignore us and stick with your common sense. We only mention this because after making an off-the-cuff, rather goofy "request" for pictures of some "hot in-ear action" from one of those Ear Scope wax removal tools, someone actually called our bluff and sent in photos and a video of more nauseating aural pr0n than anyone should ever be subjected to. However, being men (and women) of our word, we're gonna throw good taste to the wind and post reader Michael's sometimes exciting, mostly disgusting tour of his ear canal. Gasp in shock as he almost punctures his eardrum during an intense cleaning session. Hold onto your seat as he bravely struggles to remove the mother of all wax clumps. Stand up and cheer when he finally succeeds in achieving a slight improvement in hearing. It's a thrill ride, an emotional roller coaster, a fantastic voyage -- you might even say that it's the feel good film of the year.

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