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A few Touch Detective Season 2 1/2 screens, and one creepy wallpaper


More news from Success today! Famitsu posted a few screens of Touch Detective Season 2 1/2 (Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina Season 2/12). It turns out that the "Season" appelation is not just being clever; the game looks identical to its predecessor, meaning that the new content is limited to story, rather than graphics or gameplay. This is fine! We can appreciate restraint.

Also, over at the Japanese home page, a "download" section has popped up with a weird, weird March calendar wallpaper. Feel free to browse around the home page and read the developer blog if you can. Just in case you don't feel like messing around with kanji or Flash, we've provided the wallpaper, and the Famitsu screens, after the break.

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