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Latest Pokemon titles morph DS into kid-friendly VoIP phone

Darren Murph

While we recently showed the adults in the crowd how to craft your own VoIP phone (and potentially burn the house down) with a somewhat antiquated landline device, the kids in the bunch can stop whining about the blatant discrimination. In case you haven't lost count, Nintendo is actually unveiling two new Pokemon titles for the DS on April 22nd, and aside from the ability to collect, train, and pwn up to 380 new pixelated creatures, the games also enable online communication thanks to the built-in microphone and the handheld's VoIP capabilities. Reportedly, you can talk smack to other immature pals on the proverbial line "before, during, and after battles," giving your kiddos yet another venue to chat with their pals, evade chores, and become even more addicted to the game that never ends. Darn you, Nintendo.

[Via Joystiq]

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