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London police gear up for midnight PS3 launch

Kyle Orland

In the wake of the somewhat chaotic crowds surrounding the U.S. PS3 launch, London police are taking steps to make sure the midnight sale at Virgin Megastore's marquee Oxford Street location goes smoothly. reports Sony and Virgin are working with police to make sure the crowds of PS3 fans wont clog up the streets and subway station entrances on March 23.

Police are also suggesting special precautions so gamers attending the midnight launch don't become "an advert for muggers," as an unnamed source on the Westminster Council put it. People queueing up should bring a friend and a mobile phone, carry as little cash as possible and carry the system home in an unmarked bag, a police spokesperson said.

Don't want to worry about becoming mugger-bait? "Don't attend the launch event," the spokesperson suggested. "Pre-order your console and pick it up during the daytime." Hey, you Europeans have waited this long for the PS3, so what's a few more hours?

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