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Rogers to get HTC Excalibur as "S621"

Chris Ziegler

Seeing how a user's guide for HTC's most QWERTY of smartphones -- the Excalibur -- has shown up on Rogers' site, we take that as a pretty strong indication that the carrier's Windows Mobile lineup is about to get one device stronger. We haven't gotten a date on just when this thing might get a "buy" link next to its picture, but with the 3G-capabile Cavalier waiting in the wings and Rogers' nascent HSDPA network slowly taking shape, we're thinking they're going to want to push it out the door sooner rather than later. Anyway, whenever the 1.3 megapixel Smartphone does drop, it'll do so as the "S621," sporting the same 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, and quadband EDGE radio as the rest of the world's various renditions. Not a bad foil for the Nokia E62 already in Rogers' stable, if we do say so ourselves. [Warning: PDF link]

[Thanks, treatz]

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