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Beware the April Fools in mid-March


The gaming press has an immature habit of playing April Fool's jokes on its readers. It's all cute and fine when the online publications do it, no matter how ridiculous or well conceived, because at least it's on April Fools' Day. One day and it's lost to the ether. The problem is some gaming magazines do this with their April issues. Meaning that from the time they go to print, until sometime into May, we have to listen to tip, after tip, after tip about Game Informer said this or EGM said that -- all the time it was their April Fools' "joke."

Why are we bringing this up? We're already getting the hints of April Fools jokes in mid-March. We aren't saying that NiGHTS for Wii in the April issue of Official Nintendo Magazine isn't true -- but we aren't trusting the April issues of the game magazines till we get confirmation from the publishers. This isn't the only magazine "news" tip we've received for April, we're just asking tipsters to be a little bit more skeptical than usual during this mid-March-through-early-May April Fools' Day.

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