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Consoul shows more bizarre European PS3 marketing


We've given up trying to explain Sony's marketing plan. Yup, totally given up. Because the only thing more bizarre then the American commercials have been the European ones, and the subsequent marketing that goes with it. As Americans, we will not even attempt to explain how these things appeal or speak to European culture and will move PS3 units next Friday at launch. We'll allow our European readers to do that for us.

Sister site PS3 Fanboy discovered on Sony's "semi-official" blog, Three Speech, the cover to a Sony endorsed magazine for the PlayStation 3 called Consoul -- with a woman taking a poop on the cover. Oh, and if your German is just a tad rusty, the word "freude" scribbled on the bottom of the cover means joy. Yes, an official Sony PS3 magazine has a beautiful woman with her panties below the knees, taking a crap and the word joy at the bottom. After the break we have the same woman jumping on a bed in the newest European PS3 ad. Don't miss it!

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