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Game name stereotypes


The staff over at CMP Media had the gauntlet thrown down by Game Developer Magazine's Editor Jill Duffy to come up with the most stereotypical video game name. They touched their brains in the soft spots and came up with:

  • Quaternion: The Beige-ning
  • WWII: World War II
  • Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Call Of Duty: Revenge Of Duty
  • Pauly Shore's XTREME Nude Wakeboarding II: The Awakening
  • Final Fantasy VII: The Black Gate: Part Two
Obviously "WWII: World War II" won among the staff. A similar rant about the naming of games occured on 1UP a few weeks ago. Is there a simple name to just sum up every major title in the industry? How about: Super Master Chief Off-road DS?

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