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PS3 attach rates soar!

Ed Stasick

After a bit of a lackluster debut, PS3 owners are starting to buy games. The latest sales figures show that the average PS3 owner owns an average of 3.4 games. That's up from an average of 2.7 games last month and puts the PS3 in the same territory as the less expensive Wii.

The NDP confirmed the obvious: "Some detractors may consider the next generation cycle off to a poor start, we think that improving tie ratios indicate strong demand for the relatively light software lineup on the next gen consoles, and we believe that once a greater variety of compelling software is released later this year, demand for the new hardware will increase."

Since the readers of PS3 Fanboy are anything but the "average gamer," we want to know how many PS3 games you own (and, specifically, which ones).

[Via PSU]

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