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Rumorang: NiGHTS returning on the Wii -- Part 2


We are reporting on this because we continue to get tips on it, but we emphasize that next month is April and this could all be one giant hoax. GoNintendo reports April's issue of Official Nintendo Magazine says, "Step back in time as a classic game makes a long overdue return! Only in next month's Official Nintendo Magazine." Looking at the picture and connecting the dots shows what appears to be the NiGHTS logo. Earlier this year there were subtle hints about the return of NiGHTS via the Nintendo Wii, so we'll give this rumor a little bit of wiggle room.

This isn't the first time ONM has been a hype creator. Last year they created Resident Evil hype by using a Leon Kennedy silhouette to promote their next issue, a fact they later swept under the rug. That was actually strike two. Strike one came in early 2006 when ONM, with their "unrivaled access," said the Wii's stand would double as the power supply. Is this NiGHTS related hype strike three, or will ONM knock it out of the park?

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