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Vivitar rolls out flurry of point-and-shoot ViviCam digicams

Darren Murph

Although Vivitar spent most of its time boasting about the underwater shooting abilities of its 6200W at PMA, the firm apparently had a flurry of additional digicams awaiting release too. While none of the remaining launches tout any truly distinct features, the ViviCam X625, 6385u, 7388s, and DVR530 span between five- and ten-megapixels, and all manage to do an excellent job in fitting in with every other middle-of-the-road shooter already out there. The 7388s touts a seven-megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, three-inch LCD, and MP3 playback, while the 6385u features just six-megapixels but comes in an ultrathin metallic enclosure in six different colors. The X625 ups the ante to ten-megapixels, offers a fairly respectable 6x optical zoom, and a nifty "retro" pop-up flash to boot. The five-megapixel DVR530, as the name implies, focuses on capturing 640 x 480 video at 30fps, and makes playing back video on TVs a sinch with the built-in video output. No word just yet concerning price or availability, but considering the lackluster packages found on most of these, bargain hunters should keep an eye out.

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