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mobiBLU shows off A3 / A5 DAPs at CeBIT

Darren Murph

mobiBLU's latest portable media players aren't cube shaped per se, but they do sport an ultrathin design similar to a few of its prior offerings. Shown at CeBIT, the 40-gram A3 and A5 (pictured after the break) players aren't too hard to differentiate at first glance, considering the A5's 1.8-inch screen is a hair larger than the 1.5-inch variety found on the A3, but aside from the LCD size, the units are reportedly identical. Under the hood you'll find 4GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, FM radio tuner, microphone, seven-band equalizer, USB 2.0, and the ability to handle MP3, WMA, MTV, and JPEG files. As you can probably imagine, the 74.5- x 37- x 11-millimeter devices don't have a price or release date attached to them just yet, but they sure are pretty, eh?

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