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Army of Two = 1 part innovation + 1 part bad dialogue

"I'm driving."'

"F--k you, I'm driving."

And with that terse exchange, Army of Two reminds us of how it simultaneously advocates a new kind of cooperative gameplay while settling for the same rehashed action movie dialogue we've been hearing for years. N'Gai Croal spoke with EA Montreal's general manager, Alain Tascan, about the buddy cop sensibilities of Army of Two and what we can expect from the final product. Perhaps most interestingly was Croal's suggestion that the dialog was refined in response to the slightly homoerotic undertones of a game about two guys doing lots of "crotch level hoisting." In other words, if Tyson and Elliot talk tough (while they just so happen to be holding each other's crotchular region), there's no way they could be gay, right?

Tascan said, "The trailer, for us, is a way to gather feedback. It's like a mini-demo." So, readers, after "demoing" the game via the trailer above, whaddya think?

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