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Corega announces 22-inch CG-L22WDGW, WDGB widescreen monitors


Corega has announced two new Japan-only 1680 x 1050, 22-inch LCDs: the CG-L22WDGW and CG-L22WDGB. Both models feature glossy finishes, 1000:1 contrast ratios, 5ms response times, dual DVI-D, VGA, and Component inputs, plus 2 x 5 Watt speakers -- welcome to tinny city. The only difference between the two models and their very annoying 10 character designations is that one (WDGW) comes in a white, and the other in black (WDGB). For some reason you'll have to wait until April to pick up the White variant, with the Black model available on March 22: although you'll have to travel to Japan and plunk down ¥57,800 ($490) in order to get either.

[Via PC Watch]

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