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Fonality launches trixbox Appliance, Asterisk-based VoIP PBX

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Like Asterisk? Been waiting to take it to work with you as a VoIP PBX? Enter Fonality's trixbox Appliance, a new small business-grade rack-mounted server good for providing phone service for up to 500 nodes via VoIP, E1/T1, and 48 analog lines. Admins can look forward to the AsteriskNow GUI or the trixbox's own, running atop Linux, (with the usual Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.); users can look forward to the usual intra-office voice systems, including perks like voicemail-to-email, and the like; middle-management can look forward to staying within budget when signing off on the $1000 base price tag. Silly wabbit, trixboxes are for VoIP nerds.

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