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ONM says 'world exclusive' not April Fools prank


Yesterday we reported Official Nintendo Magazine created quite the hype-storm surrounding a cluster of stars and touting "world exclusive" information about a returning franchise. The European magazine owned by Future publications, in hopes of calming things down a bit, had ONM Editor Chandra Nair make a statement on Future's website.

Nair says this whole brouhaha is not an April Fools joke and goes on to say, "Inevitably the situation might change between the time of the mag going to print and the release of the next issue (it is a good six weeks after all). The game may end up being announced online before we hit the shelves. Occasionally these things happen and it's completely out of our control. However, the point is that we are not misleading you -- there is a new game due to be announced."

Wait, how will it be announced online if they supposedly have the "world exclusive" in the magazine? Sounds like damage control is kicking into gear. While wild rumors are being thrown around, a source of ours in the U.K., heard from a product manager at Sega Europe, that NiGHTS Wii has been in development for six months already and that the recent Sega poll was designed to reassure Sega that its decision to resurrect NiGHTS is shrewd.

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