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Samsung debuts SPH-72H and WiFi-capable SPH-72V photo frames


We heard tell of the SPH-72V photo frame last week, and it looks to have a buddy in the SPH-72H frame which Samsung also trotted out at CeBIT. Both frames feature 800 x 480 7-inch screens, and can handle MP3s and movie files -- in addition to the standard picture fare. Things get a teensy bit fancy with the SPH-72V, which features WiFi and can display photos off of an RSS subscription, along with Windows Media Player 11 pics, thanks to Windows Vista integration. In addition to these two, Samsung is prepping some 8 and 12-inch photo frames for later this year, but for now all we know is that the SPH-72V (or 72P, which seems to be an alternative model number for the same thing) is hitting Europe in May for €229 ($305 US) alongside the SPH-72H which will go for €179 ($238 US).

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