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The PS3 firmware updates keep on coming...

Ed Stasick

When it comes to PS3 firmware updates, everyday is like Christmas... you have a list of things that you want, but you can only hope and pray that you'll get what's at the top of the list. And like every Christmas morning, the March 22 debut of PS3 firmware 1.6 will be a mixed bag... you'll get that toy you've dreamed about for months, but you'll also get that hand-knitted pair of socks from Grandma. Here's the deets on the "Top 3" additions straight from Japan:

  • Background Downloading! Download the latest from the PlayStation store while playing MotorStorm!
  • Folding @Home! Cure cancer while not playing MotorStorm!
  • Browser Zooming and Resolution Adjustment: Experience websites like they were meant to be seen, especially when it comes to the official website for MotorStorm!
Some good stuff in there (and some ok stuff we skipped). Background downloading and cancer curing mark a milestone in the PS3's ongoing development. Since we know that Sony certainly takes your comments as gospel, please let us know what you think they should be doing for PS3 v1.7.

[Via loot-ninja]

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