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Babylon nG cellphone encryption launched

Brian White

If you're an MI5 agent in Europe or just don't want those pesky neighbors using homebrew digital packet sniffing equipment, you can really (really) secure those cellular voice communications between users of the Babylon nG encryption system. We love wireless encryption products, and the Babylon nG looks pretty good on paper -- not that we need such security. Anyhoo, both the sending and receiving party must be using the system (it uses a secure switch), 'cause that dual-layer encryption path is going to be, well, impossible to intrude upon at all based on all the computing horsepower under a warehouse roof (or more). Encryption layer 1 includes 1024 bit RSA assymetric scrambling, while layer 2 includes encryption of the 256 bit AES variety. Sorry, no more snooping on those peanut butter cookie recipes you discussed last Sunday with Aunt Sally. This sounds quite a cheaper than the Diamond Crypto Smartphone, does it not?

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