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DIY HD workstation

Matt Burns

Remember Stevie's "year of HD" comment a few years ago during his '05 Apple Macworld keynote? Well, we kind of feel that this year, 2007, could be the year high definition finally becomes a consumers dream come true. There are finally a couple of HD camcorders to choose from and many new computers can finally handle the resource intensive task of editing the material., home of most everything concerning digital video, has compiled a DIY listing for three different HD workstations all based around Apple's Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro software. The first is toned for those just wanting to get by and the second still keeps a budget in mind but includes allowance for more heavy duty hardware. The third throws out all the stops (example: 5-8 GB of ram) and allows for a fully professional rig costing nearly as much as a nicely equipped Toyota Prius. If visions of high-def videos are dancing around in your head, one of these units just might fit your budget.

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