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Medion unveils GoPal X4510 / S2310 navigation units at CeBIT

Darren Murph

While most of the recent buzz surrounding Medion has focused on the firm's UMPC efforts, it's rolling out a pair of stylish navigation systems for a nice change of pace. The GoPal S2310 and X4510 (pictured after the jump) purportedly utilize NAVTEQ maps and come in a trio of flavors, including ME (Medium Edition), AE (Advanced Edition) and PE (Premium Edition). The smaller S2310 touts a 3.5-inch LCD, curvaceous design, shock-resistant casing, route tracking system, and an ability to export to Google Earth in order to scrutinize just how lost you ended up. The Windows CE-powered X4510 ups the ante with a four-inch screen, electronic compass, microSD slot, 324MHz Atlas II processor, 256MB of integrated RAM, handsfree Bluetooth capability, built-in RDS / TMC receiver in the Premium iteration, an MP3 player, and an image viewer to boot. No word just yet on release dates, but the S2310 should hit for right around €299 ($398), while the beefed up X4510 will likely demand €499 ($664).

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