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Seven PS3 titles delayed from Euro launch, 27 still left

Ross Miller

We now have seven PlayStation 3 titles that will miss their original European release date alongside the console's launch. The dubious septuplet and their new release dates:

  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent -- March 30
  • NBA 2k7 -- April 6
  • F.E.A.R. -- April 20
  • Oblivion -- April 27
  • Untold Legends -- April 27
  • GRAW 2 -- June 2007
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas -- Spring 2007
While more than a few of those are top-notch titles, Sony still has 27 launch titles -- 23 disc-based and four downloadable -- and at their disposal, including Virtua Fighter 5. Will the absence of these seven games affect the launch? No more than the price, and the delays aren't very far behind the March 23 launch. In three months, no one is going to care about the delays. The initial momentum lost, however, is debatable.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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