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The NCC allows the Wii in


Apparently, travelers to the Taipei, Taiwan airport over the last few months, whilst carrying a Nintendo Wii, have had their console confiscated. The console is no doubt destined for a cold chair in a dark room, to be interrogated under a single light, confessing to numerous crimes. "I let them ... download software from my Wii Shop and surf the web ... on my browser," it cries, the dim blue light of its disc tray barely visible through all the tears. Just as the the two officers interrogating the unit have heard enough, pulling out their handcuffs to whisk the Wii away to some gulag, the disc slot lights up. A new message!

The new message informs the officers that the Nintendo Wii is now permitted entry into the country, as the government gave in to pressure from those who have had their console confiscated in the past, as well as those with common sense. So, if you're planning a trip to the country, you could bring your Wii, but honestly ... don't you have better things to do on your vacation than play some video games?

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