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Wired offers up 5 reasons Apple TV rules, and sucks

Scott McNulty

Now that the Apple TV is shipping lots of people have opinions about it (imagine the amount of opinions we'll hear once people get to use it!). Wired's Rob Beschizza has compiled 5 reasons why he thinks the Apple TV will rule, and 5 reasons it'll suck.

This list of 10 things nicely sums up the current zeitgeist about the Apple TV. Most tech types think it'll fail because it doesn't do enough (OMG! NO DVR!), while most analysts seem to think it'll do OK (thanks to that iTunes lock in we all know and love).

It is an interesting product, no doubt, but I'm waiting for Apple TV 2.0. How about you? Have you ordered an Apple TV? If not, why not? Sound off in the comments.

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