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Breakfast topic: I still miss someone


WoW hasn't been around long enough for players to develop any real sense of nostalgia. There's no "back in my day" 8-bit version to sit around and reminisce about. Nevertheless, some people are beginning to miss the old raid bosses. Say what you will about BC's new instance system, the 40-man raids of original WoW definitely left a deep impact on the memories of raiders.

I'm not really a hardcore raider, but there are a couple fights I wish I could try again, for old times' sake. Vael was always a fun time, just because of the manic energy produced by trying to get him down as fast as possible. I may be the only person who liked Ebonroc -- pure tank and spank damage meter competition for the rogues -- and Chromaggus, because it was the most fun fight to screw up on. Who fell off the ledge? Who pulled aggro? Who stayed in too long? The Twin Emps and Huhuran were also enjoyable for the same reasons as Vael -- the running around, the manic tempo, the feeling of victory when you first downed them. However, I am very glad I will never have to again face Sartura (hey, we're dead from the whirlwind again), Ayamiss (get to the altar! get to the altar!) or Emeriss (just hate the dude.)

Do you miss any of the old boss encounters? What new encounters do you like, and which ones do you think are sub-par?

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