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Maytag repairman panics as company recalls 250,000 washers


It looks like the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has plenty of hazardous products to keep itself busy with these days, today announcing recalls of a pair of washing machines just a day after they sent out word of some flammable keyboards. The washers in question are Samsung and Maytag front-loading models sold between April 2005 and August 2006, totaling some 270,000 units in all (almost all Maytags -- click on through for the specific model numbers affected). Apparently, they have the nasty habit of leaking water onto the electrical connections inside, potentially causing a short and a fire as a result. While there's been reports of five such incidents so far, none have resulted in injuries or damages beyond the washing machine itself. Those stuck with one of the washers are advised to contact Maytag or Samsung for information on getting a free repair.

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