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Mod a Gamecube memory card inside the Wii

We're all big fans of the Wii's sleek aesthetics and diminutive stature, which is why it pains us to see things protruding from its otherwise clean exterior. Of course, if you've really got it out for those pesky legacy ports, you could go the whole way and hack a Gamecube memory card inside the unit to match your internal Wavebird receivers. The instructions at MaxConsole are pretty easy (if you're into this sorta thing). Basic ingredients include: a Gamecube memory card; a triwing screwdriver; soldering iron; wire; and lots of electrical tape (see pic).


There, now that that's done, we've got 251 blocks of storage for Gamecube saves. Wait, what's this SD slot here for again?

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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